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With the interest rates so low, the banks and especially the regional ones were always doomed to play the dangerous game. A trading rebound helped to create a real hike in the growth rate for the big banks in the third quarter of this year. Traditional lenders, lacking that prop, were left to continue battling super low interest rates, offered once and not updated by the Fed Reserve.

Based on the volatility of both the positive and negative news from Wall Street, the economy, employment numbers, commodity prices and several other indicators you can get a huge number  of bearish or bullish opinions right now given . We’ve named some bullish investors and economists, now is the chance for bears to weigh in. If that kind of experience doesn’t get your attention, then perhaps nothing will.

Instruments that can help you optimize the amount of taxes that you have to pay are of the essence in the modern day. An increasing number of individuals and businesses are now investing into financial tools that can help them enhance savings. If you are one of those people who wish to start investing for the purpose of saving on taxes, following are the ten best savings instruments for the financial year 2016-17.

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